Transport Facility

For a safe to and fro journey of students, the college has a provision of its own fleet of buses that plies on different routes such as Adampur, Hisar, Hansi, Tosham, Siwani, Jhumpa, Fatehabad etc. This facility ensures that the students reach college well in time.

Current Route is given below:

  1. Tosham via Chopta, Saharwa to College.
  2. Adampur via Balasmand, Sarsana, Gorchi, Panihar to College.
  3. Hansi via Satroad, Hisar, Mangali to College.
  4. Shiwani via Barwa to College.
  5. Hisar Bus Stand to College.

Apart from the college transport, Government Bus-pass facility is also provided by Haryana Roadways to the college students.


  1. The College transport service shall be provided to the students on payment
  2. The payment for the Academic Semester shall be charged in advance along with the College
  3. Using the College transport is not mandatory and only the students who are desirous of availing the facility need to apply.
  4. College transport shall be provided only on those routes which are approved by the College Administration/Management.
  5. The transport fee shall be charged in advance for the entire semester and will be paid along with the College Fee once collected shall not be refunded, even if a student decides not to avail the facility mid-semester.
  6. Station and boarding point shall be clearly indicated in the Application The buses will stop only on designated points along each route.
  7. The transport charges shall be notified prior to each semester and will depend on operating cost including
  8. The students should not change the boarding /dropping point, or routes without proper permission and such request will not be entertained during the middle of the semester.
  9. The students travelling in the college bus shall occupy the seats allotted to them and shall not create any disturbance to other students and
  10. Strict discipline shall be maintained inside the college
  11. All the students/parents are expected to be aware of the transport rules of the college and Ignorance of the same will not be an excuse for any dispute/claim.
  1. In case of any dispute, the decision of the Management will be final and binding on the
  2. The college can change, alter, amend any of the above rules at any point of time and it will be binding on the
  3. Identity card for availing transport facility shall be mandatory. If the identity card is lost, a new one shall be issued as per existing/notified procedure, on additional New I-Card will be issued for every semester on payment.
  4. Transport facility will be provided at any route only if minimum of 5 students have applied for the