Clubs And Committees

Welcome to an exciting and rewarding campus life in PGC.

PGC encourages all student teachers to participate actively in as many institution-wide/university-wide activities as possible.

We believe that an active student life on campus will not only help you develop new ideas and skills, but also build a happy disposition and fond memories. With active involvement in student life on campus, it is hoped that student teachers will experience holistic teacher preparation and continue to foster strong ties with PGC upon graduation.

There are many opportunities to meet and work with like-minded individuals on meaningful projects at PGC. To date, there are nine student clubs you may choose to actively participate in: Clubs And Committees, entrepreneurship development cell, siic, mentorship programme etc

PGC encourages the establishment of new clubs and societies as it feels that diversity in student activities will greatly enrich our campus environment and the lives of our student teachers and staff.

We want to build a more vibrant campus at PGC than it is now, and we believe we can achieve this objective. To this end, a brand new International Student Centre is coming up in PGC,. This Centre will be a hub for student sharing and activity serving to centralize the efforts of different student clubs, Institute initiatives external organizations and student exchange programme. The Centre will enhance the quantity and quality of student life on campus.

Student Life on campus is what you make it. Choose to make it fun!