International E-Journal IJRMST

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN MANAGEMENT, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (IJRMST) provide publications of articles in all areas of engineering & its applications. IJRMST will solicit unpublished manuscripts from prospective authors for consideration for possible publication in areas engineering and its various applications. The Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence. All articles published in IJRMST will be peer-reviewed.

We invite scientists, researchers, mathematicians, practicing engineers, among others working in engineering to submit research paper, articles & case study for INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN MANAGEMENT, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (IJRMST) which aims to promote the links between engineering and its applications. The journal focuses on issues related to the development and implementation of new methodologies and technologies in the area of engineering. The journal provides a forum for researchers and practitioners for the publication of innovative scholarly research, which contributes to the adoption of a new approach that ensures an acceptable deployment of new technologies in field of engineering. We also encourage articles, interdisciplinary in nature.

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