Learning management systems are web-based software applications that allow educational institutions to deliver content and resources to the learners.

The Institute has implemented a state-of-the-art learning management system to create a Virtual Learning Environment for everyone involved in the teaching learning process. With an LMS’ robust and scalable architecture, training has become “Anywhere, Anytime learning.” It also gives teachers reports and stats which enable them to better monitor their students. Through tracking features and advanced reporting, these systems are the best tools to gauge the learning progress of students.

Instructors’ Activities:

  • Upload Lectures
  • Upload Resource Material
  • Upload Assignment
  • Prepare Quiz
  • Open Chat Rooms
  • Open Discussion Forums
  • Create Course Level Events (Maintain Course Calendar)

Students’ Activities:

  • Get themselves enrolled in Discussions over Moodle
  • Online Chat Activities over Moodle
  • Access Lecture Slides and Resource Materials
  • Attempt Online Quiz/Assignment